Consultancy Service

We provide technical support in SAP technologies with an expert staff consisting of experienced consultants that have got SAP certification.

24/7 Maintanance Support

  • Request Management in web
  • 24/7 Service Within SLA
  • Tracking requests and Its report
  • On-site and remote support
  • Fast, low-cost, Measurable

HR Process Consultancy

We have gained experience from plenty of different projects at local and abroad, we design your systems with the most suitable technological platform.

Outsourcing Services

Our technical and module consultants provide support at the location of our business partners whenever you need them.

SAP and Success Factors

Our Speciality is People and Technology

We offer digital solutions to meet all HR processes (recruitment,orientation,personnel and payroll processes,performance and salary management,career planning, backup, personnel development) from the first entry in-company journey of your employees to their retirement.

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Our Services,

SAP HR Solutions

We provide all of your HR processes function properly on end to end HR systems to increase employee loyalty and for more productive business processes.

With On-Premise and SuccessFactors solutions, we help you find the right talent, train future leaders, and inspire your employees with a digital HR experience.

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Forming a team is a long haul. With its awareness, we keep developing our current team. 

What we do at Vesa Consultancy lies in the heart of technology and the heart of technology beats in future. 

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